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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tales From The Crypt

Five members of a tourist group exploring old caves get lost from the rest of the group. They end up taking a passage into a crypt guarded by the mysterious Crypt Keeper, who tells each of the five people how they are going to die.

Tales From The Crypt is a 1972 Anthology Amicus Production based on The Vault of Horror, Tales From The Crypt and The Haunt of Fear comics, which were a bi-monthly horror anthology comic series published by EC Comics. The film consists of five short stories, all of which are based on stories from various issues of the comic series. It was directed by Freddie Francis and stars Joan Collins, Ralph Richardson and Peter Cushing. A sequel based on more stories from the comics, The Vault of Horror, was released in 1973.

I'd just like to make clear from the start that I love the Amicus anthology films. I think they're brilliant and obviously this is no exception. I love the creativeness of each story, the interesting and entertaining ways in which each person gets their comeuppance due to the deadly sin each one commits. There are some good performances, notably Peter Cushing's brilliant portrayal of a sweet, kind old man, who unfortunately is a widower, and the only joy he gets out of life is that of the children who live in his street. He finds old toys, fixes them up and gives them to the children. But he is resented by two snobbish neighbours who do as much as they can to ruin his life. It's also nice to see a lovely Christmas story about murder, and even Santa makes an appearance, well sort of. The film is presented with the classic dark and creepy atmospheric touch that is quint essential to this film form and is what the established audience have come to know and love. As good as it is, it still isn't the best anthology film, I do favour some of the others over this one, it's still good but there are a few others that I like just that bit more than this one, as you will see in later reviews.

Tales From The Crypt 4/5

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