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Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Uncanny

Horror Author, Wilbur Gray, has discovered a terrible secret. He's discovered that cats aren't what they seem, we are not the masters, they are. They have been manipulating humans for centuries. In an attempt to prove his new found discovery, he tells three tales of feline terror to a publisher who he wants to publish the stories in order share his discovery with the world.

The Uncanny is a 1977 anthology film made up of three short stories. It was distributed by Cinevideo and The Rank Organisation and directed by Denis Heroux. It stars Peter Cushing as Wilbur Gray.

I like the concept, this idea that cats have been manipulating man since the very beginning and that we've been fooled into believing that we are the masters when really they've been pulling the strings. Generally, I did like it, it entertained in all the areas you would expect especially for a horror film about evil cats. But where it falls short is the part where humans aren't these innocent, kind people that cats have manipulated into being evil and made them do the bad things they do, like we are led to believe at the start. But instead, the people are already bad, in some cases the cats haven't even manipulated them they've just killed them for being evil so does that mean that cats are good? None of the people that feature in the three stories are to be pitied, I didn't find myself particularly caring about the people who featured in any of these three stories, and instead just enjoyed the violent and sometimes comical methods the cats used to kill the people instead. To be honest, the only human I found myself caring about was Wilbur, and I think that was probably due to him being played by British national treasure Peter Cushing. It's a silly film, so for a silly horror film about cats manipulating and killing people its not bad, but its far from being as good as any other films Peter Cushing has been in.

The Uncanny 2/5

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