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Thursday, 1 July 2010

I Don't Want To Be Born

The film begins with Lucy Carlesi going through what appears to be a rather difficult child birth, as the doctor delivering the baby states “This one doesn't want to be born.”. Then cue the opening credits over the top of more footage of Lucy struggling to give birth, to the rather inappropriate funky 70s music that doesn't particularly set the mood. Then after the opening credits, she gives birth and is holding her child, the new born baby boy bites her on the face. From the start we know this is no ordinary baby boy. A while after having her baby she confides in a friend, and tells her that she believes that the baby hates her. She tells of a tale from her past when she was a striptease performer, when a dwarf who was part of her act came on to her after a performance and she turned him down, later that night the dwarf told her she would have a monster of a child who will be possessed by the devil. The day of the child's baptism he attacks the priest. There after a number of attacks befall people who come into contact with the child including the baby sitter whom the baby tries to drown by pulling her head into the bath she is bathing him in, and on another occasion he pushes her into the river in which she hits her head on a rock and dies. Lucy's sister-in-law, a nun, believes Lucy's claims that the baby is possessed and brings this to the attention of the medical staff, to which she is scoffed at. But it later gets to the point where the baby's attacks get worse and it's only the nun and her beliefs that have any chance of saving the baby and everyone around him.

I Don't Want To Be Born is a 1975 Unicapital Production and Presented by The Rank Organisation. It is directed by Peter Sasdy, and stars Joan Collins, Ralph Bates and Donald Pleasence. This film goes by so many title that I'm not at all certain which one it is most known for, these titles range from I Don't Want To Be Born and The Monster to Evil Baby and Sharon's Baby (although this title confuses me, as there's no one in the film called Sharon.)

For a film compared to Rosemary's Baby I was rather disappointed. Fair enough, it is like a cross between Rosemary's Baby and The Omen, but done badly. For a film about a killer baby, I just didn't find it that interesting. Some bits made me laugh, but these weren't intentionally comical moments, I just found some elements of the film amusing, these include the funky 70s music used to set the mood of the film about a baby who “doesn't want to be born” though it doesn't set the mood at all, in fact it has more chance of getting you up and dancing to the beat. Another funny element was that of Ralph Bates, now I like Ralph Bates when he's in good films, but in this film he is playing an Italian man therefore he has to have an Italian accent. Why the character had to be Italian at all I don't know, he could easily have been an Englishman from London or another part there of, but for whatever reason the writers decided to write in to the script that Lucy meets him in Italy. But on the plus side there are a couple entertaining attacks/deaths that the baby performs. One in particular, where he uses a spade as his weapon of choice. Overall, it's watchable but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and by all means if you want to watch a film like Rosemary's Baby or The Omen then watch Rosemary's Baby and The Omen as you will enjoy them much more than this.

I Don't Want To Be Born 1/5

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