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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Evil of Frankenstein

After being chased out of town for yet again more experiments, Frankenstein returns to his home of Karlstad, where he and his young assistant, Hans, take shelter in Frankenstein's old abandoned manor house. Here he defrosts the frozen body of his first creature, the one from The Curse of Frankenstein, and begins reviving it. Physical reviving is unsuccessful, so he uses the aid of Zoltan, a hypnotist, to revive the creature's mind through hypnosis. The creature is successfully revived but only obeys Zoltan, and as such he uses the creature for his own personal gain. First, he makes the creature go to the village and steal gold from the church, then he starts making the creature “punish” certain residents of the town. But when the creature returns with blood stained fists, Zoltan is horrified that the creature has killed. When Frankenstein throws Zoltan out of his home for what he has made the creature do, Zoltan then commands the creature to kill Frankenstein.

The Evil of Frankenstein is a 1963 Hammer production. It is the sequel to 1958's The Revenge of Frankenstein and is Hammer's 3rd film in the Frankenstein series. It stars Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthorpe and Duncan Lamont. It was directed by Freddie Francis.

This film picks up presumably a while after the ending of The Revenge of Frankenstein, as he was no longer in London but some place else, so I'm led to presume he's been chased from place to place a couple of times in the 5 years between the release of the 2 films. Which I have to say is disappointing, as I really would have liked to have seen more of Dr Frank with his Moustache and monocle as seen at the end of The Revenge of Frankenstein.

The amount of violence was disappointing, the best the creature could do was thump a man against a wall. Come on! I could do that! He didn't even thump him hard enough to damage the wall.

This film completely rewrites The Curse of Frankenstein for the flashback sequences, much like how Evil Dead 2 did with the flashback sequence of The Evil Dead. Its all newly shot footage and is just generally different to the original. A few of the changes are as follows. The creature now resembles that of Boris Karloff in the 1930s Frankenstein films as opposed to Christopher Lee in the actual film its meant to be a flashback of. The creature is seen to have fell into a glacier and was frozen, whereas in The Curse of Frankenstein the creature fell into a bath of acid and was dissolved. Then Frankenstein states that he was then ordered to leave town and never return, when in actuality he was sentenced to death, but escaped the guillotine in The Revenge of Frankenstein. For these reasons and more, lots of fans regard this film to be non-canon, like The Horror of Frankenstein which was a remake of The Curse of Frankenstein.

On a lighter note. It has to be said, I for one, did not expect to see Batman and Robin in this film.

I'd say this is an average Frankenstein film, a bit of a disappointment but all the same pretty average, it's neither bad nor great, just ok. So far it's definitely the worst Frankenstein film I've reviewed. I'd say it's easily miss-able but of course if you fancy watching it then by all means do, just don't expect it to be as good as the previous 2 films.

The Evil of Frankenstein 3/5

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