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Tuesday, 16 August 2011



Experimenting with the idea of enhancing the receptors in one's eye to allow a person to see through objects, Doctor Xavier tests his serum on himself. Now with the ability to see through anything, Xavier continues studying it and continues increasing the dosage. But how far will he go? And how long will his sanity last with this God-like vision?

X is a 1963 American International Pictures production. It stars Ray Milland, Diana Van der Vlis and Harold J Stone. It was directed by Roger Corman. It is also known as The Man With the X -Ray Eyes.

Wow, I don't believe he is a real doctor, lighting his cigarette in the lab with a Bunsen burner. It's not like he's experimenting with something important and potentially dangerous, he's only creating something to inject into HIS EYES so lets light up the cigarettes and pollute the air around it.

Xavier's point of view X-ray vision does look pretty cool, especially later in the film when he's taken too much and everything becomes all psychedelic and groovy.

He may be an older gentleman be he knows how to use X-ray vision like a teenager. He's uses his new found snazzy vision to look at people in the nip while they're dance at a house party. This is what X-ray vision was meant for, none of that so you can operate on patients more accurately. Bah, it's for looking at people in the nip, even if Xavier does only look at people's backs and feet. It appears he can see through everything but necklaces, these women may be nude but they're still proudly wearing their pearl necklaces. This is his weakness; pearl. Then again I say weakness, he's not Superman he could be killed by something as simple as a nut allergy.

There are some very bad camera errors in this. They're only small niggly things but there's that many of them that these somewhat little niggly errors are building up and really aggravating me. For many of the Xavier point of view shots the camera isn't even positioned correctly, for instance when he's talking to someone and it's his point of view the camera isn't looking at them as it would be if you were taking to someone, the camera is positioned looking at them from a different angle so the person is side view on even though they're supposed to be looking Xavier in the eye. It's done so many times too, which is so annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that they have a fair few of them done correctly, so why not do them all correct? It's piss poor, that's what it is.

Holy fuck! Xavier pushed Jim (his friend) out of the window in what appeared to be a little shove to get him out of the way knocked him flying out of the window and plummeting to his death. X-ray vision has given him increased strength?

There's more stupid mistakes, unless they're intentional, they're not referred to as being intentional so I can only assume they're mistakes. Now he's gone on the run from killing his friend and is now posing as a psychic at a fairground. He sits on a stage with a band over his eyes and “sees” things about people. But the things he sees wouldn't be possible even with X-ray vision at the distance he is sitting. He is able to see the details of the contents of a guy's wallet even though he's sat some distance away from him. What, does he have zoom vision now?! This wasn't mentioned! It's worth noting that by the end of the film he says he can see the centre of the universe, more zoom vision? Fucked if I know what's going on, for a film about a man with X-ray eyes this film has gone too far beyond reality.

What a tool! If you intend to take on Vegas with the help of your X-ray vision, then don't show off to the extent that you're telling the dealer what the next card in the deck is. Dumb ass!

Ah! His eyes are getting worse, they're now black with gold irises.

Ah! They're completely black now!

He enters a religious gathering and explains about seeing the centre of the universe and no longer liking what he sees (guess that's what you get for not being content and wanting the vision of the Gods). So the Preacher reads out a ling from the Bible “If thine eyes offend thee, pluck it out.” So Xavier proceeds to very quickly pluck his eyes out. END. That is a good ending actually, from all the annoying things that have gone on before it that have “offended thee” that was a good way of trying to make up for them. I liked it.

Apparently there is an alternate ending where Xavier plucks his eyes out then when it fades to black we hear him scream “I can still see!” That would have been brilliant, apparently Roger Corman didn't like it so he stuck with the one we've got, but I personally think that would have been a brilliantly dark and horrifying ending.

This is a film I've been wanting to see for the best part of 10 years, I first read about it years ago and thought it sounded brilliant. Only just recently I was able to get hold of it, and unfortunately I was vastly disappointed. It was just no where near as good as I expected it to be, whether it was my years of anticipation that ruined it I don't know, but it just didn't thrill me like I had hoped. It was at times just slow and boring even though it's got a cool plot about a guy going about with X-ray eyes seeing through stuff. I'll admit it is good in areas, the bit when he knocked Jim out of the window completely got me by surprise and instantly caught my attention again. It's doesn't drag too badly as it's only about 75-80 minutes, but for a film of that length you would expect constant entertainment. Ray Milland was good, I liked the groovy visuals which for a low budget 60s film were good. Maybe a second viewing will improve my viewing pleasure for this one because I really wanted to like it but it just left me disappointed. The story is great, I just don't think it was executed greatly, fair enough I understand it was a low budget feature but come on it doesn't take budget to get the camera positioned correctly.

X 2/5

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